About The Copyist Business

Copyists have existed for centuries. Their work was often purchased on the Grand Tour. The nature of a copyist’s work has remained exactly the same: The artist works for several hours a day to capture as exactly as possible, the essence of the original artist and their work. Everything, including the initial drawing, must entirely be done by hand, not computer graphics. I encourage my clients to choose and research available paintings on the internet, but not to rely upon image color, as each image is not the highest quality or from a museum database.

Beware of

European and Asian copyist companies who are on the internet. Quality and materials are extremely poor, as is the finished product. The work arrives to you rolled in a tube. All corners are cut for profit, as they do not cater to the serious collector with discriminating tastes or high expectations They hire inexperienced art students for minimum wage. Caveate emptor; you get what you pay for. On the other hand, I am the only one running my business and I am responsible for your satisfaction with your commissioned piece.